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TourDeKale History

Tour de Kale was founded in February 2000, a group of Kales friends to help raise money to cover Kale Watkins medical expenses after a skiing accident that left him paralyzed in Feb 2000. Thanks to riders like yourself who are willing to go the Extra Mile and raise money for this wonderful cause.Year 2000 we were able to raise almost $80,000

Chris Skeen pres.

In 2001 TDK gang joined forces to help not only Kale but another Denton Family who can use our support.In 2001 we decided to include the Ricky Harris family as recipients of the benefits of the TDK.Mark and Michael Harris,twins of Denton,were born with a congenital heart disease.Their hospital bills are astronomical.2001 TDK raised $65,000.
Chris Skeen pres.

2002 TourDeKale non-profit benefit: Leslie"Punkin"Gallimore
Punkin was diagnosed with a spinal disorder,called syringomyelia,in 1992.
TDK June 15,2002 Raised Over $46,966.00
Chris Skeen pres

2003 TDK Recipients: Neal Morris * Raleigh Ward
TDK 2003 raised apprx $50,000.00 June 21! WOW
Thanks to ALL that came to the Event and the SUPPORT.
Kelly Lambeth pes.

TDK 2004 Recipient Jessica Cook *
Jessica is suffering from a very rare condition known as Hemangioma Syndrome. After 19 surgeries, her family is trying desperately to save enough money for a specialist in Little Rock, Arkansas to do a very successful procedure on Jessica. This condition is characterized by outward tumors, that not only have severely disfigured Jessica, but also can grow in other organs, such as liver, kidneys, lungs and brains. Cardiovasular events very likely accompany this condition because of blood clotting abnormalities. TDK Raised $47,508.00
Chris Skeen pres

TDK 2005
Chip Peacock went into Baptist Hospital on December 8th 2004 and under went 10 hours of surgery to remove tumors on his pancreas. The doctors ended up taking out half of his pancreas part of his stomach and part of his intestines and doing reconstruction surgery internally.On December 22nd Chip had 2 more hours of surgery to remove a puss pocket where an infection was. Chip was put on life support between Christmas and January 1st for a few days due to complications after surgery. Chip remains on a ventilator and is having trouble with his lungs. He has semi good days and very bad days. He is very critical. Just taking it day by day.Chip will be in the hospital for several more months when he gets out of ICU. He will have to learn to walk, talk, and write again. He has a very long tough road ahead. He will also be out of work for at least one year.Chip is married to LaRonda Surratt and they have three children. Josh age 14 (boy) Brooke age 7 (girl) Alex age 4 (girl)
This year the Tour de Kale committee has determined that its namesake is to be the recipient of part of the funds raised. Kale Watkins, left a quadriplegic in a skiing accident several years ago, is in dire need of extensive repairs to his specially equipped van or a replacement. TDK 2005 Raised $47,000.00
Chris Skeen pres.

2 recipients for 2006 , TDK raised $50,000.00 for:
[1]Leslie Punkin Gallimore was diagnosed with a spinal disorder,called syringomyelia,in 1992 - Tour de Kale 2002 was for Punkin and he Needs TDK and your help again in 2006. He lives in Denton.
WIFE - FRANCES CHILDREN - 4 ( 29,28,23,15 )



Derrick Skeen pes.
TDK 2007
Beneficiary - Devon Alexander O'Quinn
Birth Date - 5/25/2004
Parents: Billy & Ryan O'Quinn
Brothers/Sisters: Justin, Chloe, and Luke
Diagnosed With Acute Lyphoblastic Leukemia (ALL)

Was in/out of the hospital during the end of 2006 and the beginning of 2007. Has had multiple spinal taps and bone marrow removals. They blast his spinal fluid with chemotherapy once per week. He has to take chemo orally by day. Is on high dosage of steroids.

After 1 month of treatment, his Leukemia is in remission. He is in the third stage of treatments and will have to go one time per week for the next three years for treatment in at WFU Baptist Brenner's Children Center.

UPDATE: April 15, 2007
Remember Devon in prayer. He has been back in the hospital with an infection. Any type of infection can give him a setback. He is back home now and doing well. Keep this family in your thoughts and prayers.
Beneficiary: Kelly Lambeth , Married to Kenneth Lambeth - Son is Brock Jester - Local Hair Stylist - Former Tour de Kale President

Diagnosed with Stage 4 Non Small Cell Lung Cancer with metastasis in the bone and brain, …whole body disease.

Mrs. Kelly Lambeth, 44, of 285 Cranford Road, Denton, died Tuesday, April 10, 2007, at The Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Tulsa, OK.

Born November 5, 1962, in Davidson County, NC, Mrs. Lambeth was the daughter of the late Herbert and Linda Carol Fergerson. She was a hairdresser and enjoyed fishing. She was a loving wife, mother and “Maw-Maw” and was the “Number One” baseball fan for her family.
Scott Yates pres
TDK 2008

Sherry Glover Down is one of Tour de Kale recipients for 2008, she was diagnosed with breast cancer on January 7, 2008. She is undergoing three rounds of chemotherapy three weeks apart to shrink the tumor before having a mastectomy. An implanted port has been placed for the administration of chemotherapy and a PET scan revealed two suspicious lymph nodes. A biopsy of the lymph nodes will be done when the mastectomy is performed. Surgery will be followed with additional chemotherapy and/or radiation.

Sherry has driven a truck for nineteen years and is employed with Anderson Trucking. According to her physician she will not be able to work for at least a year. After taking twelve weeks of family/medical leave the company will no longer pay for her medical insurance. She has many bills to pay i.e., medical co pays, health insurance premiums, groceries, utilities, rent, etc.
Nancy Towery is one of Tour de Kale recipients for 2008, Nancy has been a volunteer worker of TDK for 8 yrs. since the beginning in 2000. She helps operate a rest stop for TDK, representing Wesleyan Child Development Center where she has been the Director since it’s opening in 1995. Half of the proceeds from TDK will go to Nancy to help pay off out standing Hospital and Doctor bills from her late husband Doug, who died suddenly in 2007 with no medical insurance.
Kale Watkins pres.
TDK c/o Sheri Skeen
726 Mountain Shore Drive
Denton, NC 27239

TDK has drew an amazing response right from the get-go and continues to be a superbly organized and executed event. Very scenic, awesome support, good lunch. All Riders Welcome.
A Fund-raising event for hardship medical cases in the Denton NC community raising over $50,000.00 ea year.
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